The Tuff City Records Story, Episode One & Two

Tuff City Records founder Aaron Fuchs discusses starting the label in the early 80’s, his history as a music critic and the story behind some of the first records he released.


Aaron Fuchs continues discussing key moments in Tuff City history, including working with Teddy Riley, Spoonie Gee, Marley Marl, DJ Hot Day and the Cold Crush Brothers.


Mayhem: the newest member of the team.


I’d like to introduce you to the homie Mayhem from Chicago. He’s know on IG Boombapking and has his own dope site and will be dropping his own brand of knowledge here as well. Welcome him and peep his post below.

Top 10 DJ Premier Beats

DJ Premier

I’d like to start by giving you a brief introduction. I go by the name Mayhem, I’m from Chicago, IL. I’ve been a DJ for about 20 years now. I fell in love with Underground Hip Hop from the first time I heard it. I’ve put out a couple of mixes and was part of a mix show at a local radio station for a few years in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Over the years I have compiled an impressive collection of records. I’m currently trying to collect every record that DJ Premier has produced. I have become a huge fan of his production.

Everyone has their own opinion of who’s the best. Some people say J Dilla, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and so on are the best. Each producer has his own unique style so it’s a matter of preference. Premier’s style of that gritty sound is what got me. It grabs you in the chest and you have no other choice but to snap your neck. Trying to come up with a Top 10 of his production is no easy task. I thought it would be more interesting if I made one with non Gang Starr tracks.

My list consists of tracks produced mostly in the 90’s. Some people like to think that the 90’s era was the best when it comes to Hip Hop. I wouldn’t disagree completely. There’s been tracks produced outside of the 90’s that would stand up to that era. I found it really difficult to describe why I choose these tracks. Some are personal, hearing the track just takes me back to a point in my life as if it were yesterday. The memories come back and just take me to a place where I zone out. Some of the tracks just hit me in the gut. Trust me when I say this, you have to listen to these tracks loud and with the bass to the max! If you’re a Premier fan as I am you’ve probably heard these tracks a hundred times. So here’s my list, hope you enjoy it. (Disclaimer: this list is strictly on the beats not the lyrics.)

10. M.O.P. – Breakin’ The Rules (1998)
9. The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door (1997)
8. Non Phixion – Rock Stars (2004)
7. Royce Da 5’9″ – Shake This (2009)
6. Group Home – Livin’ Proof (1995)
5. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Inspired By Fire (2012)
4. Jeru The Damaja – Frustrated Nigga (1996)
3. Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox (2013)
2. O.C. – My World (1997)
1. Nas – N. Y. State Of Mind (1994)



MC Serch shares advice on promoting new artists and describes his TV talk show, “Serch”…

The Food Warriors: West 4th Street

On this stop of the Internets Celebrities new web series (The Food Warriors), Dallas and Rafi use their democratic powers to crowd source the BEST PLACE TO EAT near the West 4th Street A train station in New York City.

Featuring Dallas Penn & Rafi Kam
Directed & Edited by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Dan Lucal
Music by Bless 1
Re-Recording Engineer: Tod Chapman

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