LUVNY: The Snake Tape Review


The sounds of the streets echo around your head, traffic buzzes and horns vibrate off the buildings as people go by. That’s the journey in sonic form that producer Ray West wants you to take on the introduction to LUV NY’s latest release. On this limited tape we are blessed with vocals from members AG, Kool Keith, Kurious, Dave Dar and new recruit L-Fudge. The roster of talent is rounded out with the added class that the Bronx Bomber Lord Tariq brings. I for one am pleased to hear him bless us with dope lyrics again.

All the MC’s weave in and out of Ray’s production as if they are relaxed and comfortable, inclosed in a creative zone where each word counts for something. You won’t find wasted words, bars or flows. No track out stays it’s welcome, they flow effortlessly from one to the next, further more cementing that city vibe. One of the things I enjoy the most is how everyone is bringing their ‘A’ game but are happy to play their role and create a musical unity that must be congratulated. It’s rare to find that in the culture today. Many like to grandstand, steal the shine.

That’s not the case with LUV NY. Its a vibe of humility, a mutual respect and friendship for each other that leaves the listener with a sense of understanding. Yet again Ray’s production speaks softly, but with considered pulses of urgency rippling through your speakers. It’s evolving as any great producers music does but in subtle ways that repeated listening brings you.

LUV NY give me hope in Hip Hop. I get the impression that preservation of the culture is at the forefront but with a sense of experimentation that isn’t going to alienate anyone. All are welcome if you come with an open mind and ears. I’ve enjoyed every listen of The Snake Tape. I have listened to it on the tram, bus and walking. I’ve played it at home on the stereo with my eyes closed, emersed myself in the music letting my mind travel, opening up my 3rd eye. I guess what I’m saying is that if you choose to buy this then do it with your heart. This is how music should be.

Don’t fall for weak tinny tunes when you can bask in the sunshine that this 31 minutes of bliss can bring. I hope that as a crew they continue to come together and drop gems like this. It’s magical, hardcore and the real NYC all wrapped up in one. My one request is that Ray produces an EP with each of the above mentioned MC’s, that would make my year. Can you imagine the music that will come from those projects? I can, mind-blowing I’m sure. Red Apples 45 can do no wrong. Support the movement. Cop the download from iTunes of the tape from Fat Beats online.

Peep the interview with Ray West below:


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