Super Cat Interview. (December 2013)

Peep the info:

The Don Dada has been missing in action for a while but Boomshots was blessed to catch up with him in NYC during a rehearsal session for his big comeback shows. The first show will be at Amazura NYC December 20th and after that he heads straight to Jamaica for the 30th Anniversary staging of Sting on December 26. “I never get to finish that show,” Cat says. “Because it was a clash between me and Ninja Man.” He says this time there’s no clash planned, but he’s definitely looking to deal with some unfinished business this time around. Cat also speaks on his respect for Shaggy and how his old friend came to check him when he was having a rough time. “Man like you don’t stay down fe long,” Shaggy told him, and the rest is history.

In Part 2 of Boomshots exclusive interview, Cat speaks about his legendary clash with NInjaman in 1991, and why Sting 2013 will be a totally different thing. He also looks back on his collaborations with Heavy D, Biggie Smalls, and offers a word of advice to Puff Daddy. Subscribe to BoomshotsTV for more crucial reggae and dancehall videos.


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