Nappa: Late Night Beat Tape (Review)


In my opinion Nappa is UK Hip Hop Royalty. Actually scratch that, by using ‘UK’ I’m limiting the man, he’s worldwide. International sounds. He’s produced to many gems over the years for me to mention. He’s depth of musical knowledge is unknown, I know its deep but how deep? To the earths core at a guess. The records he posts via his IG are classics one and all. From 45’s to LP’s to test pressings he’s got the digging game on lock. He knows his stuff. Over the next few weeks I’m working on an interview with Nappa, I hope to get an insight into what makes him tick as a person, growing up, his love of the culture and music in general and how he views his past, and where the future is taking him personally and musically.


That brings me on to Nappa’s latest musical endeavour titled “Late Night Beat Tape” via Muj. It’s been released as a digital download or if you were one of the lucky 40 like me you got your hands on the hand crafted cassette that you can see above. I can’t front I was amped when Nappa told me about the format he was dropping it on. I love tapes, I fucking love ’em. If you know me on the personal tip or follow my IG then you know why. Classic format. In the case of “Late Night Beat Tape” I couldn’t have imagined a better format to hear this masterpiece on. It’s befitting of the analogue hiss, the rawness to the ears that only tape brings. I’ll tell you why its the perfect marriage of format & sound. Nappa grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, you can hear it, fuck that even smell it in the beats. They give off a stench of grime and grit but with a small sense of hope. It truly is perfect late night music. He’s worked in classic breaks, familiar sounds that we all know but can’t place our finger on and layered it with snippets of of the movies of those 2 decades previously mentioned. I recognised them all, not one escaped me. It’s like he’s made this for me, mine and the generation before. It’s like listening to my childhood in a concise 60 minute soundscape.


Nappa’s genius shines through as the music flows like water from one beat the to next, it’s like he’s painting with music, scoring your past and showing it to you on a big screen, with an ice cream lady at the end of the aisle, like the cinema trips of my past. To some that will make sense, others will struggle to get it. That’s ok, we all come from different eras. it’s what makes us individual. To me this isn’t just a beat tape, it’s a damn album and should be treated as so. it’s the perfect listen, rich and vibrant, rugged and raw and above all else a celebration of the roots of the culture we love. I salute you Nappa, keep doing what you do.


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