Live From the Writer’s Bench Episode 36: You’re Not A Digga If….

This week, the Live From the Writer’s Bench team chop it up about the rules and regulations of diggin’ and sampling. Can a “real” digger have reissues in their crates? Is it violating to sample another producer’s drums if they left them open? Can you sample something someone has already sampled and not flip it? Or what about sampling a record that just cam out…is that violating? Check out this episode to find out.

Live From the Writer’s Bench is a hip hop roundtable pollying session on the culture of hip hop. This show ain’t about what your son or nephew and their crew is listening to…but it’s about what YOU grew up listening to! Every Monday, Ev, Kil, Beezo and Vic will be your hip hop CNN chopping it up about everything from why hip hop doesn’t speak to the violence that’s plaguing our communities across the nation to who rounds out our top 20 MC’s EVER list and everything in between. If you love hip hop and are tired of cats who know nothing about the culture reporting on it, then every Monday you need to be tuned in faithfully to Live From the Writer’s Bench. Trust, you won’t be disappointed.





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