Public Enemy Live – Sheffield Tramlines 2014

It was great day this past saturday. We were in the blazing sunshine with approximately 10,000 other people all waiting the arrival on stage of quite possibly the greatest rap act of all time Public Enemy. It had been around 10 years since I last saw them tear it up live. I was excited like a kid again. The two previous acts had been piss poor to say the very least. One was pop pap the other was dreary shoe gazing gash. They both had zero stage presence. We true heads were in for a real treat when NYC legend DJ Chuck Chillout appeared on stage to get the crowd hyped up. He was backed up by DJ Andy H from the Tuesday Club on the decks. He ran through many classic jams spanning the last 30 years as Chuck Chillout acted as MC for the proceedings. He pulled out all the stops with the call & response chants and gave Devonshire Green a real block party feel. I’ve never been in the city and seen that many people bouncing and having such a good time. I guess you could say that between them they gave Sheffield that true Hip Hop vibe. It was then the turn of Public Enemy. They came out flanked by the S1W’s to the sound of blaring sirens and powerful booming base. Chuck D & Flavor Flav were backed by the mighty DJ Lord and live band. The addition of the band has added a whole new feel to the live set. It’s given it a sense of vigour. They ran through classic after classic hardly stopping to catch their collective breaths. It was amazing to see two men in their mid 50’s running back and forth whipping up the crowd with such youthful energy. I was beyond impressed. DJ Lord was also very impressive when he flexed his skills with a Rage Against The Machine beat juggle mid way through the show. Public Enemy finished off the show with Flavor Flav giving a impassioned speech about unity and world peace. A very fitting statement to make in these current times. Thank you for coming to the Steel City Public Enemy, don’t be a stranger.




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