Cormega – Mega Philosophy (Album Review)


Cormega has been on the scene for many years now dropping classic joints that the real heads have always loved. He’s had the streets locked down. He always spits fire in the booth and with his new album he raises the bar above and beyond. I’ve always been a fan of the one mc & one producer album. I guess because back when I was first falling in love with the music that’s how it was. More and more so over the years we’ve moved away from that so it’s refreshing to see Mega take it back to that. On this album he’s gone one step further having the album entirely produced by one of the greatest to every touch the MPC Large Professor. This is what makes ‘Mega Philosophy’ one the most exciting releases of the year. It’s soulful and rich in its sound. It swirls around pulling you in but never jarring the senses. Large Professor infuses each song with a feel of adulthood struggle but with the playfulness of childhood wonderment. In my opinion thats what still draws me to the culture and albums like this. It’s grown man rap music. It’s not driven by fads and fleeting thrills. It’s grounded and respectful but with enough kick to remind you it’s alive. Mega delivers in my opinion his finest set of lyrics in his long career. He drops gem upon gem of knowledge on the current state of rap and the direction it’s heading. Its like he’s opened up his journal and let us in on his inner most thoughts. He makes it clear on the album that he’s not pleased with the current state of rap. Its testament to the man that he doesn’t just offer negativity for negativity sake. He makes profound statements & offers solutions with his rhymes. He’s comfortable with his position and not afraid to express himself. I salute that as it shows true artistic grow in a time when dumbing down is the norm. This album gives me an overwhelming feeling that each of the 11 tracks have been like children to him over the course of recording the album with Large Pro. Each song had to mature until it was ready for the outside world. The album speaks of the importance of quality over quantity. Maybe thats Mega’s way of saying that in these current times we’re at a saturation point of new releases & endless mix tapes. If he is then I agree with him. I miss the days of the excitement of albums dropping. In the case of ‘Mega Philosophy’ I got that excitement back. If you want to feel the same then go get this future classic. Its well worth your time and money.


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