Live From the Writer’s Bench Episode 39: What Do You Expect From Hip Hop After Mike Brown’s Murder?

Peep what Kil and the crew have to say on the very tragic situation in Ferguson on this weeks show. Check the info below:

For this week’s Live From the Writer’s Bench ep, the crew chops it up about do they expect anything from hip hop in the wake of Mike Brown’s Murder, how this police brutality has affected them personally, who could be the “new” leader for black folk and how a year ago for their first show they dealt with the Trayvon Martin incident and now a year later they’re having the SAME discussion about Mike Brown.

Also check out Kil and Beezo’s newest project the “Hands Up 63135” project where they’re challenging MC’s, singers, poets, etc. to kick something positive over 10 tracks they produced to put more positive, uplifting hip hop back in the game. So who’s up to the challenge?


Live From the Writer’s Bench is a roundtable pollying session on the culture of hip hop. This show ain’t about what your son or nephew and their crew is listening to…but it’s about what YOU grew up listening to! Every Monday, Ev, Kil, Beezo and Vic will be your hip hop CNN chopping it up about everything from why hip hop doesn’t speak to the violence that’s plaguing our communities across the nation to who rounds out our top 20 MC’s EVER list and everything in between. If you love hip hop and are tired of cats who know nothing about the culture reporting on it, then every Monday you need to be tuned in faithfully to Live From the Writer’s Bench. Trust, you won’t be disappointed.


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