YOUR OLD DROOG – “Just Rhymin’ With Skizz” – Episode 1

I’m digging this dude. He’s not Nas thats visually clear. He’s got skills. Plus if DJ Skizz is his homie then he’s certified dope. Enjoy.

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Shot by HORUS


My squad’s driven but the blessings is G-d given
just look at how good YOD’s living
In the limo rocking a mink, crack the window and show fur
They check my feet, when I hop out, it’s Gucci loafers
Laid low for some time, made sure every line tight
Shit was looking bleak until I got my mind right
Shine the light, the reach of these other rappers is finite
And their babymoms be average as fuck, yeah she was fine alright
Fair to say that they’re not some good lookers
In reality, just glorified neighborhood hookers
Quit it with them “blaaats: and “booka bookas”
I heard your man went to jail and they took his tuchus
Then gave it back, stay kissing ass that’s why you say you spit crack
Your crews with you, knowing that shit wack
I get it right the first time cause it’s hard to reenact
Surprised I made it out with my integrity in tact
12 years a rapper, a loop eater
Break chewer, no time for a snake hoo-er
Making moves underground, let’s take the sewer
In lieu of these fakes tryna maneuver, loser
You’se a groupie, go blow a roadie brody, u ain’t my co-d
What makes you think you know the Y.O.D
Why O.D.?
Ruling the street with an alias, and they lovin it
A dictator, ain’t nobody calling out my government
Even if you “know me” you phony
Catch me on my lonely, I play paranoid like Tony Iommi, we at war with the pigs, don’t make me pull out this iron, man…


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