Back to the Beat: K-Def interviewed by J-Zone (Redefinition Records)

You know this is gonna be good. Enjoy and peep the info below:

Press play and jump into this very special interview with veteran music producer K-Def, conducted by the great J-Zone! The two artists recently got together at Zone’s Jamaica, Queens studio and discussed K-Def’s 20+ year career as a sound designer.

K-Def talks about meeting and working with the legendary Marley Marl, his new album with producer The 45 King, the evolution of his production techniques over the years, the infamous Mardi Gras Bells, and what he heard on a hidden cassette tape that LL Cool J revealed and played for him in the early 90s.

As J-Zone said; listen to hear “production tips, stories behind the hits, nostalgia, and secrets into the dopeness.”

Interview Conducted by J-Zone
Produced by J-Zone & Redef Records
October 2014



Redefinition Records

K-Def Bio & Store:


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