F. Virtue & Juan Deuce – Cufflinks ft. Daniel J. W!shington & J57

Love is love regardless of who you choose.

From the album New York Strangers by F. Virtue & Juan Deuce
Download / Stream NYS free here: http://bit.ly/1uQw5GF

Directed by Victoria Ng

Twitter: @FamelessVirtue // @Juan_Deuce
IG: @F_Virtue // @JuanDeuce




These cufflinks were not meant to be handcuffs
But it may be that way after having you in my hands once
I know you swallowed the key to keep me looking proper for you
So that’s what I’ll do, yeah, that’s what I’ll do
Likewise these handcuffs were not meant to be cufflinks
This heart does a lot of love, it doesn’t do much think
Yeah, I know I follow your lead to keep this looking proper for you
So that’s what I’ll do, yeah, that’s what I’ll do


One missy pulling me this way
And the others blowing my cover
Undoing my cufflinks that i got as a gift
Word to my mother
She ain’t never heard of a martyr
I had to tell her I wont be here for tomorrow
Nah, I wont be here for tomorrow
Gone where there’s more warm weather
Sleep killing ‘em, wake then be a go getter
Bleek Gilliam, me I’m making it Mo Betta
So let me take you out the zoo
Walking to the town’s end singing something from The Who
Like, damn, ain’t the bridge so bright
Lets cross to get close to the big show lights or
We can cross to get close
Hit the freeway, step on the gas and get ghost


And ever since I dropped Anita Bryant
I’ve had some fans trying to buy into my appearance
They hear this like “oh Virtue’s so fearless
So sexy the way he’s blessing the mic”
The only rapper with groupies named mike
And I’d like that when I was on the come up
Up and cumming, fucking nothing, young hung and stunning, shut in
Cuz it stung when the only thing kissing my tongue were writtens I sung
So I slipped and I sunk in this adolescence missing my first kiss
Nervous dating girls to be normal on the surface
No prom dates only dates with my palm
No sneaking out to make out
Just steaks with my mom
And now the breaks have been gone
And I can go where I feel like
The fanboys are plastic
And our meetings aren’t real life
I can have it but I don’t need it now
though I never got to sleep around
I found someone I plan to keep around


The next chapter; the god got hitched
Shakin’ off these groupies, pass ’em off to DeeJay Element
I’m not laughin’, well just a little bit
Let me paint a picture, might get choked up while I’m tellin’ it
Been through dark times and she stood by me
Lived off credit cards when it got grimey
My Momma loves her and she’s now family
Listen close, please understand me
If I said it then I meant it then there’s nothing I regretted
I would spend my whole life with you, ’cause I would never lie to you
And anything you ever wanted on this fuckin planet
Understand that I would make it happen like you did my dreams
Listen, please, let me intervene, fitted at the seems
You and I, this is do or die, there’s no room to hide
Who am I, gettin’ deeper than a suicide, though?
I balance out my music and my love on this tightrope.


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