Producing with Ray West (Plus my write up!) always brings the gems out and this is no exception. My Brother Ray West is one of the illest producers in Hip Hop and music in general. He’s also incredibly humble about his talents.

Peep below this little writeup/article I wrote awhile back about his label


My understanding of New York City comes from cinema of the 70’s and Hip Hop Culture of the 80’s & early 90’s. The works of directors William Fredikin & William Lustig to rappers Kool G Rap & D.I.T.C. have shaped my perception of the city and its 5 boroughs since my childhood. Between them they painted pictures of a gritty yet soulful city that at times might’ve torn its self apart if not for the cultural movements that permeate the streets and the people that dwell there.

The works of those mentioned above reported from the front line of NYC, a warts and all tale of how life really was for people. How the system didn’t work. How the rich got richer while the poor slid more and more in to decline. Real life, on the streets. The character of the people and the City shinned though. Good people in bad situations striving to make a difference to their family and neighbours lives. The true sense of Neighbourhood.

The films and music gave me that impression. When I first heard AG spit I knew that he lived and breathed The Bronx, it wasn’t just the place he lived it was him. That’s what’s missing from music today. In this digital age we have access to more and more sounds each day. But is it good music? Will it stand the test of time? That’s were redapples45 comes in. It’s a label that is born of love. Real love of a culture that can’t be forgotten. It’s born of the city, the smells and sounds that carry on the wind. From one street to the next, borough to borough, from person to person.

It’s born of The Bronx where the people stay fresh, the home of Hip Hop. When I listen to the music that redapples45 releases I know that in every vinyl, cassette & cd is contained passion, dedication and creativity. Each release is a labour of love that has been crafted by hands on equipment that the forefathers of Hip Hop used. The creativity comes from working within boundaries & limitations. We know that’s how greatness has been produced in the past. We have the music to prove it. So why change it? Technology has it’s uses granted but not when it stifles us, holds us back and makes us lose our individuality.

redapples45 is the label that Ray West & AG have blessed us with. They honour the culture, they respect the architects and push for beautiful music we can all enjoy. When I buy music I look for the complete package. I want to see artwork, read liner notes and most of all enjoy the sounds as they escape from my speakers. This is music for sound systems not tinny computer speakers, it needs to breath and be allowed to live.

redapples45 makes music that you can play over and over. You can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll play it for others in the hope they hear what you heard and continue to hear. New York City is known the world over as the Big Apple because it shines the brightest. A juicy rewarding red apple shines the brightest on the fruit stall. We are drawn to both, neither will let you down. They are both rewarding on multiple levels. You get that same reward from redapples45. Get involved. Preserve the culture.


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