William Cooper ft Planet Asia “Morpheus Prophecies” (Produced by BP)

“God’s Will” i-Tunes pre-order: apple.co/1C9NvT5

Peep the info below and get ready for more gems being dropped on May 5th. Enjoy.

In the groundbreaking box-office giant, The Matrix, Morpheus explains to Neo that the Matrix is an illusionary world designed to prevent humans from discovering that they are slaves to an outside influence. William Cooper and west coast veteran Planet Asia join forces on “Morpheus Prophecies” to echo Morpheus’ wisdom from the 1999 film. “The red or blue pill, chose your reality”, is what Cooper spits on the song’s hook, followed by, “…down the rabbit hole we go, knowledge is wealth…”. William Cooper and PA Medallions clearly slang the red pill (the truth) over a BP produced head-nodder sharing timeless knowledge of the mysterious matrix that we all seem to play a part in. “Morpheous Prophecies” is on William Cooper’s album “God’s Will” due out May 5th.


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