William Cooper – God’s Will (Album Review)


The rap album landscape looks very different to the one I grew up in. You’d wait 2 years or more for albums to drop. It created a hunger. A sense of anticipation for what comes next. Now new full lengths are released each week. They claw & fight for listeners. It’s hard to keep track. Harder still to find material you want to invest your time in. The amount of albums I give up on is higher than the ones I don’t. It is simple mathematics. Time is fleeting so engage me. Draw me in. Nourish my soul and in the process show me yours.

It was 2009 when William Cooper dropped his solo debut ‘Beware Of The Pale White Horse’. It seems like an age ago. The album was a landmark in my eyes. It delivered on the promise he’d shown with the supergroup Black Market Militia in 2005/6. Cooper had successfully created a harmony between socially conscious lyricism with a soulful sound that was beautifully rugged. It was music with a message for the street.

Fast forward to 2015 and we have the release of ‘God’s Will’. 6 years have passed. That’s a long time to some but to me its worth the wait when you’re blessed with such glorious art as this. Many musicians/artists deliver projects with such a heightened sense of publicity that it creates an illusion of grandeur that can’t be attained. We in truth are fed a lie. This isn’t so with God’s Will. This is the truth delivered in 60 plus minutes. Cooper’s artistry has grown with this album. He tackles many of the same issues from before but with a renewed vigour whilst covering new topics personal to him. He’s a clear message to drive home to us the listener. Open our eyes to the world around us. Think for ourselves. Don’t follow blindly.

Some many consider that a little hokey but not I. Age and experience are on my side and believe me that counts for a great deal. If you want to have your thought process challenged from the status quo then embrace ‘God’s Will’. Let it soak in. It’s a truly rewarding listening experience. Its real rap for the sake of the culture. Many guest MC’s appear but never over shadow Cooper, they enhance the experience. Members of the Black Market Militia, Reef The Lost Cauze, ILL BILL, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx and Sean Price mesh assisting the consistent approach of the project. No one is phoning it in thats abundantly clear. In an over saturated market where guest features sell albums it’s a joy to hear verses spit from respect for one another not pure financial gain. That’s what the culture was and still should be about.

The album’s success is as much down to the sophisticated production as Coopers lyrics. BP handles every track injecting life and soul in to each. He’s designed a patchwork of soulful joints laced with inspired snatches of film dialogue that drive the album along sonically & thematically. He deserves such praise for this. I want to hear more of his work as it’s grown since him & Cooper worked together back in 2009 on ‘Beware Of The Pale White Horse’. For me they have gelled in the same way as Guru & Premier did. One knowing what the other one is thinking working towards the same goal. In the case of ‘God’s Will’ they have achieved that in large amounts. It might only be May 2015 but expect to see this feature heavily in my top ten list round up by December time. Do yourself a favour and get the album. Spend the money and have your faith restored.

“God’s Will” iTunes Link: apple.co/1C9NvT5



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