Artist: Dominic Laporte – Abstract Elements


When I see piece of art I like it captivates me. It draws me close and keeps my gaze. I can’t always articulate in words what I’m seeing but I get a real sense of enjoyment. I guess you’d call it visual stimulation. That’s what Dominic Laporte’s work does to me. He creates beauty. Peep below a few of his own words and then take a look at the samples of his work he’s sent me to share with you:

“I’n native to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, and have been pursuing art for the past 10 + years. I just recently graduated from the illustration program at Sheridan College. I’ve exhibited work in a variety of galleries throughout Ottawa and am currently in the process of creating a body of work to show at Orange Gallery, and a collaborative solo show in Toronto. My main focus is portraiture in combination with abstract figurative elements and expressive media, to ultimately create what I feel expresses the soul of the portrait. The intensity behind the expression is where I find a gateway to explore a deeper connection with said person or portrait”.

Click the link for more:

Deeper than Flesh Crop





1- DLaporte_Glances

2 - Dlaporte_OnceorAlways



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