One door closes as another one opens…..

Things change. Things can get better or they can get worse. In the last year my life has improved in a variety of ways. I’m engaged, a home owner and a dad to a 3 year old lab collie cross called Tess. Things are kinda perfect. I’m content with my lot in life. I’m also proud of how things have progressed with my website/blog. The traffic has been great as has the feedback.

Overall I feel that I’ve achieved my goals. Doing something that I love has given me such wonderful rewards. The rewards have been the friendships all over the world I’ve made from this. Connecting with likeminded souls is enriching. I’ve tried to make sure the true essence of the culture was at the forefront of the work I’ve done from the videos posted, articles written and interviews conducted. Thank you to all those who’ve taken part. It’s meant the world to me. Those connections I’ve made have opened up doors for me to expand my horizons and challenge myself in different ways. So with a little sadness but with a sense of excitement for the year ahead I’m archiving/closing the site/blog for pastures new. It’s been on my mind for a few months now. I’ve known it was on the cards but wasn’t sure it was the right move but now I do. 

From January you’ll be able to find me at and thanks to my friend Baird. He’s been a big supporter of my work and an advocate for the direction I’m taking. I hope you can come with me on this next chapter in my evolution. One door closes as another one opens. 


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