Lloyd Banks – Halloween Havoc 2 (Free Mixtape Download)

Download Link : http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-do…

I forgot all about this when it dropped. Always been a fan of Lloyd Banks. In my opinion the dopest out of G-Unit. Click the link above to download if you dig what you hear.


Richie Branson & Solar Slim – Life After Death Star (Free Mix Tape)

Peep the info: Download at http://www.lifeafterdeathstar.net

What happens when you mix a legendary sci-fi series with one of the greatest rappers of all-time? We decided to find out.

Eff Yoo – Hundred Hand Slap (Rediculus Mix)

My man Eff drops this remix on you mere mortals. This is how gods sound when ripping mics. Peep the info below:

Eff Yoo teams up with Rediculus and Airon Azure to bring you the Remix for Hundred Hand Slap. With Eff’s sharp darts, Rediculus’s driving track and Airon’s smooth crooning, this is the debut of an expansion in the sound that Eff has curated so far in his career.

This is the first official leak from his upcoming album with Rediculus called The Eff Word, due out on Platformz Records in early 2016.

Booda French – The Feeling (produced by @RossrockBeats)

Happy birthday to my friend Scott. This is some lovely newness from one of the most humble young gents I know. He’s one of the UK’s finest. Enjoy and raise a glass for him.

Free Download Here

Booda French has decided to kick off his birthday in style by letting go the first visual/leak from his EATGOOD debut “6AM Coffee Club”.

This track entitled “The Feeling” has Booda flex styles over a mellow Rossrock produced joint on themes of conformity, anxiety, the cost of living and freedoms invisible shackles, momentarily stepping out the box to critique it before surrendering and stepping back inside it.

he video filmed by Flexx Tyler juxtaposes the darker themed song with wide open fields, lush forestry and wind farms (sounds like paradise doesn’t it?) meanwhile the balaclava strapped flugle horn player (Mark Schorah) guides Booda along the landscape before playing out a haunting solo, its a quirky hostage situation and is most likely Stockholm syndrome live in effect!

Booda himself is a young man with an old soul, Youtube him if you want to but you wont find much outside his tenures on the battle circuit; he’s a less is more / spoke when spoken to kinda cat and wont be v-logging his every waking moment anytime soon; lets be thankful for the visual. His previous self released EP’s (Club 27 Reservations / Ventolin) have seen him collab with names such as J57 / Koncept of Brown Bag Allstars, Von Pea, Rob Viktum, Elaquent, Jaisu and more, 6AM Coffee club is his first release on EATGOOD records and will surface during 2016.

Produced By: @RossrockBeats
Flugle Horn: @Mark_Schorah
Filmed / Edited By: @FlexxTyler
Titles: @Kosyne

Blitzo.Glyphics – Violent Climate (feat. Benefit)

Download for free, direct from Blitzo here: http://bit.ly/ViolentClimateFree
Blitz x Benefit – Violent Climate // From the album “Dark Matters” – Available 2016

Shot in the wilderness of Florida alongside the spiritual guidance of an indigenous shaman and weather adjuster named Night Bird.

Blitzo.Glyphics – Lead Spell Caster
Lawson – Master Visualist
Benefit – Director / Editor / Producer
Night BIrd – Shaman / Weather Adjuster

Read about the making of the album “Dark Matters” here:

Follow Blitzo.Glyphics:
YouTube: http://youtube.com/BlitzoGlyphics
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Website: http://BlitzoGlyphics.com

Follow Benefit:
YouTube: http://youtube.com/OfficiallyBenefit
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/BenefitOfficial
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Website: http://BenefitOfficial.com

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Night Bird is unfollowable

Verseable® Presents: Black Market Militia (BMM ★ Blackletter Mix) Free Download


Download here: http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-large/verseable-1/bmm-blackletter

Lets hope this means a new albums in the works. The rap game needs it. Peep this free mix and enjoy.

Masta Ace & Donnie Propa – The Ace Tape (Free Download)

In collaboration with legendary Juice Crew MC, Masta Ace.

A Selection of classics and hidden gems.

All mixed on vinyl. Standard.

1 – Intro
2 – Dont Understand
3 – Nostalgia
4 – One Two, One Two
5 – Out Da Box
6 – Born To Roll
7 – Acknowledge
8 – You Dont Know About It
9 – Aint No Thing
10 – Claimin Respect #2
11 – Progression
12 – Survival
13 – Thousand And 40
14 – Beautiful
15 – Fans
16 – Dopes, Pushers, Addicts
17 – Da Grind
18 – I Did It
19 – Troubles