First Division: The Critical Path Pt.2 (Free Download)


The crew are back with part 2 and unlike most sequels this delivers. It’s hardcore, neck snapping dope shit. That’s actual factual people. So I urge you to click the link below and support real hip hop, the kind you loved as a kid done with a fresh twist.

Peep the tracklist:


Also the check out the artwork for the previous leaks:



Apathy – Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)

I’ve pre-ordered my bundle have you? I’m looking forward to the next step in Apathy’s career and from the 3 recent videos I think we can all rest assured its going in the right direction. Enjoy. I’ve attached a link below regarding Martha Moxley via:

Pre-order Apathy’s “Connecticut Casual” album NOW at
Available on CD, vinyl and limited edition cassette! Special pre-order bundles with exclusive T-shirt and additional merch is in the DemigodzStore now. Thanks for all your support.

From the album “Connecticut Casual” – in stores June 3rd

Video directed by Andrew Camacho @officialcamacho
E-mail for videos.

Filmed in New London CT


Live from the shores of the east
Where the rich beast, travel to feast
Old money that pays off police…
Martha Moxley, rest in peace

*verse 1*

I never sweat competition
I’m accomplishin more…
Like a gun connoisseur
In a communist war
Ap is as hard as the iron curtain
Find a virgin
I’m insertin shit inside her
Like a surgeon
You’re serpent
I can see you slitherin
Like you from slytherin
Light ya body on fire
Piss on you
I hear you sizzlin’
Here’s one for the sinners
Hold up ya middle fingers
For all the strippers
Gettin’ older and bitter
For all single mothers
That cannot afford they babysitter
So they coppin’ liquor
And call me to come thru and dick her
Get the picture?
Life isn’t always a happy ending
I’m cool with being positive
But not cool with pretending
Cuz way back in the day
When there was still Hartford hockey
Around the time when Michael skakel
Murdered Martha Moxley
My father met my mommy
And the rest was kinda foggy
But he shot me in her womb
And then I grew in to a body
The only son of Rodney
My legacy is Godly
The Demigod posse
The opposites of Ghandi
The east coast rapist, Honkey Kong
Master Mason
Mass invasion
Of the greatest
Rappers that’ll bash ya face in…


Live from the shores of the east
Where the rich beast, travel to feast
Old money that pays off police…
Martha Moxley, rest in peace

*verse 2*

This is like…
Breathing mustard gas
Or walkin’ on crushed up glass
New jacks cut class
And you’ll get fucked up fast
I’m so powerful
Words of a wizard
Who cast hexes
Davinci on his death bed
Drawin his last sketches
I’m reckless…
Shot gun blast to the solar plexus
Look unto the east
I’m as deep as Masonic lectures
Y’all are cheap as Lexus
Frontin’ with Honda engines
I’m beyond dimensions
Of your common comprehension
And your Comi-Con conventions
I’m Amon Ra’s vengeance
I’m Unicron…
Eatin’ up planets and shittin’ remnants
I use the blood of gods to power
My ship’s engines
I’m hidin’ under cars and slicin’ Achilles tendons
You can feel the tension…
Terrible, horrifying
Swing a sword of iron
Mortals are cryin
“Oh lord I’m dyin!”
Tried courterizing wounds
But the coroners arrivin’
And the wars that I’m survivin’
Got natives immortalizin’
Every verse that I’m designin’
Like Egyptians did Orion
Like Neptune with a triton but…
I ain’t even tryin’….
I ain’t even lyin’
I’m relaxin’ on a giant
Voltron lion
And flyin through space
When Ap is rhyming’


Live from the shores of the east
Where the rich beast, travel to feast
Old money that pays off police…
Martha Moxley, rest in peace

Behind The Scenes of Palo Alto: A film by Jacqui Getty (Full Length)

James Franco gets about it seems…. Peep this.

Check out Gia Coppola talk about “Palo Alto” on The VICE Podcast Show:…

Jacqui Getty’s behind-the-scenes look at Gia Coppola’s directorial debut PALO ALTO, starring Emma Roberts, James Franco, Jack Kilmer, Nat Wolff, and Val Kilmer. The film is based on James Franco’s novel PALO ALTO STORIES. Now playing in select cities nationwide:

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beat:repeat NYC | Blondie – Heart of Glass

This is actual factual so peep it.

People called Blondie “sellouts” when “Heart of Glass” hit it big. Guitarist and writer Chris Stein didn’t care. He knew they were onto something. Incorporating dance, rap, reggae and ’60s girl group sensibilities, Blondie catapulted new wave into the public eye. In this episode, Chris Stein remembers the dark and gritty New York that he once inhabited, and outlines the complicated technical process that went into making Blondie’s chart-topping hit.
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Meyhem Lauren, Masta Ace, & Wordsworth freestyle on Rap Is Outta Control…

Skyzoo & Torae – Blue Yankee Fitted (Official Music Video)

Go cop the “Barrel Brothers” album right now, the shits crazy ill & mad lyrical. Head nod joints from start to finish. Peep the info below.

Music Video Directed by Alex Ghassan
An ANDM Video Production


Purchase the “Blue Yankee Fitted” single on iTunes TODAY…

Skyzoo & Torae will deliver their collaborative album Barrel Brothers on May 27, 2014 via First Generation Rich/Internal Affairs Ent./Loyalty Digital Corp in association with Empire Distribution. The first single & video “Blue Yankee Fitted,” is !llmind produced havoc on wax paying homage to the city emblazoned on arguably the most popular fitted cap of all time; the navy blue Yankee hat. Classic, dirty drums, a humming bass line and a haunting vocal track set the tone for Sky and Tor’s depiction of NYC, mixed in with their signature brand of braggadocio and lyricism. – Jerry Barrow

Skyzoo & Torae Set Trippin With The Urban Daily

Peep this and go cop the album as it dropped today. Its that hard body lyrical shit you need so do the right thing. The Urban Daily gets an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new video from Skyzoo & Torae “The Aura”. Filmed in an undisclosed location in Brooklyn Skyzoo & Torae along with director Christopher Wilkes deliver the visual to the DJ Premier produced track. Barrel Brothers is in stores &online today.